Friday, September 10, 2010

Hunt for tree stump (part 2)

Our hunt for a tree stump for materials for the next 3 projects
took us somewhere off the Kuantan Sungai Lembing road
under some transmission towers where 2 rotting stump were found.
3 projects is because my brother got orders for another 3 flat type table
from his tea drinking friends from KL who came here for a holiday
and ended up liking the table.

This one is too rotten to be of any use.

Some wood can still be salvage from the butress root of this merbau stump.

A very nice mushroom trying to outgrow it's neighbours.

Cutting a broken off buttress root of the merbau stump.

Hard wood for a table top.


  1. These tall dead stumps are a woodpecker's friend. I wonder what species of woodpeckers inhabit this region?

  2. Hello Alex,
    Normally the woodpeckers will chose a very high dead and softer tree not this hard merbau stump.
    Common species here are Sunda Woodpecker, Rufous Woodpecker,
    crimson woodpecker,
    common flameback,
    Bird list in Malaysia


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