Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hunt for tree stump

Our hunt for a tree stump for material for the next project took us
deep into the interior of Sungai Lembing into a newly cleared plantation land.

This burned out stump of a Keranji tree,
for a stump of that size it would probably grow up to about 100ft.
The present logging senario in our country is not sustainable
as there are too much clearing of land for plantation
and if the current pace continues we would have nothing left
except the few national parks.
Very soon we would not even have enough of fresh water supply
with the global warming heating up not forgeting the wildlife
getting extinct with loss of habitat.

This buttress root of the stump would make a nice table with natural legs,
too bad the stump is too hard for the chainsaw which
needs some sharpening.

The piece we got for the table top.

Another tree stump in the river,water is a meter deep.

This stump is half rotten eaten up by nature.

River crossings along the way.

Jaws of the Tiger falls.

This looks like a foot print of a Tapir.

Seedling for the future,i don't think it will survive here.

A nice piece of river stone.

I always wonder what insect lives in this nest.

This branches for the table legs found beside a vegetable farm at Bukit Ubi ,Kuantan.

After a clean up and treatment for termites,ants and scorpions.


  1. It's interesting to see how a table is made.

  2. Yah!It's a tough table to make.

  3. When did you 2 go for the hunting?


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