Friday, December 25, 2009

The Fourth project

This tray type tea table and its legs is from merbau wood which is brownish in colour
and offers a very smooth and fine wood texture.
It is specially made for Anthony's tea drinking friend.

Tne legs.

The drain hole.

This is before the clear coat.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Arrival of material for the next project

Anthony's friend brought over a lorry load of merbau tree stump
leftover from logging activities enough for him for a whole year job.
He will be charging for the workmanship for the job,
which will depends on whether it is just a flat tea table which is easier
or a tray type table which is more complicated and costly.
These stumps are the best material for the tea table job
because they are old and hard since they are the oldest part of the tree.

Careful handling if not you will end up having tea in a wheelchair instead of an antique chair,
mind you these sawn off logs are real heavy.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The third Project.

This unfinished tray type table of merbau wood with manggis wood legs
is Anthony's third project and is up for sale when completed.
The legs needs a change of colour to a lighter brown
and the table needs to be shined and a drain hole added.
I will post more photos when the project is completed.
(sold to a friend)

The second project.

This is Anthony's second project with the tray type table wood
he cut off from a gemunggal tree stump at the entrance of University Malaya
which was fallen for road works while the legs are from a manggis tree wood.
(For sale-RM3800)

The drain pipe connection to drain off water or tea .

The manggis tree leg before the table top is installed and no nails involved.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The first project

This is my brother's first project for his personal use as he is also a chinese tea lover,
the tray type table top is carved out of a piece of unknown type of mixed heavy hardwood and was lately confirmed to be of gemunggal wood.
which is unvarnish in its original shine
and the legs of pine wood.

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