Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chinese Tea Tray first Project

This merbau wood Chinese Tea Tray(size 38.5inches x18in x2in thick)
is more convenient for use by tea lovers who don't have much space to spare
for a big tea table besides it will be much cheaper roughly by 2/3!

It comes with a drain hole so that
you can drain off the water during washing.
This tray is up for sale for RM1,500.

The tray after a layer of varnish.

The tray at planning stage.


  1. Wow, it's fascinating how that piece of wood turned into a magnificent and unique tray! Very creative, nice design.

  2. Yah! It's a work of my brother Anthony,
    he is very good in wood carving.

  3. WOW, that a work of art, its a pity we don't find such work in India especially in tables...Thomas

  4. These tea tables concept originates from China,
    it was after a visit to China that my brother started to make his own tables.

  5. Wow, your brother is so talented and creative. My brother can draw very well, I wish he could draw something for but he is so busy working and feed a family.

  6. Looks like everyone have to earn a living,
    it is tough nowadays.


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