Saturday, April 11, 2015

Third Chinese Tea Tray Project

The third Tea Tray was carved out
from a piece of chengal wood.
It's for sale at RM700.(in M'sia only)


  1. Hi Thomas, I really like your brother's work. How can I place an order? Please let me know. My email is

  2. I have a tea table that my husband brought back from Malaysia years ago. It is in pristine condition, never used, just loved. We are downsizing and need to know it's worth and if it is wanted. I think it is probably a Second Chinese Tea Table.

    1. i am interested.. can you send me some pic and price to my email Thx..

  3. Oh wow this is a nice Chinese table Love it:)
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  4. Beautiful works, really would've loved to order this, but saw ur comment that it was Sold already... :(... do keep this blog updated, i am interested in getting a tea table and also tea trays :)


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