Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fifth Chinese Tea Tray Project

The fifth Tea Tray project
with a piece of mystical gemunggal wood
took quite sometime to complete
with a tea discovery trip to Ceylon for the craftman thrown in the middle.

A difficult wood to work with
because of the small size of the tree.

Continuing with the short chat with Dr Kenneth,
the owner of the tray about the gemunggal wood.
A check on it with a friend of mine in the local timber trade
leads to what the Indians call "The tree for life".
Here in the photos below
my brother David who is on missionary works in India
tracing how the Moringa or Murungai(sounded like gemunggal)
tree looks like in India where it most likely originated.


  1. such a beautiful tray. Both the wood and the design :)

    You asked if birds can be frostbitten. Yes, they can.

  2. I like every project u n Ur brother done , n interest to collect tea tray n table, can I have Ur contact? Or email me at


  3. It might be tough work but fantastic!


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