Friday, March 19, 2010

Craftman's tools

Tools are an important element for making a beautiful chinese tea table as the saying goes a craftman is nothing without his tools.

We start with a wooden mallet which is a must when doing chiseling works,an electric sander,grinder and planer when working to get a level surface.

an electric planer is a must for carvers.

A chisel set.

A 1 ton chain block and belts to hold the table top while working on the legs.

An air compressor for doing spray painting works
and when using air tools like a straight die grinder.

A petrol driven chainsaw for cutting tree stump parts and for rough shaping of table tops.

other tools like a high pressure water jet for cleaning of work piece
a vacuum cleaner to remove sawdust and safety equipment like a RCD just in case if there is any electrical leakages,gloves,face mask,gougles,and safety shoes when using chain saw.

Woodcraft tools

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